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Volunteering At Meets

Most of our volunteer needs are during swim meets. When signing up for your volunteer position, keep in mind your schedule and when you'll have friends or a spouse around to watch little ones, if needed. Please check-in with our volunteer coordinator once you've arrived at the meet, all pools will have a volunteer meeting 15 minutes prior to meet start time.

Meet volunteer positions include:

Clerk of Course: Checks in swimmers prior to their events. Lines up swimmers to know which lanes they are swimming in and how to get to the starting area. Each team provides a clerk of course for every meet. This a great way to get to know virtually every swimmer on the team!

Computer Entry: Enters all swimmer times into the team software during the meet. A great job if you want to beat the heat and stay indoors!

Concessions: Only needed at home meets. Helps run the concessions stand which is organized and maintained by the CWSRC.

Head Timer: Only needed at home meets. Assures that all timers have started their watches at the appropriate time and have recorded their times accurately. Provides timers with support as needed by starting two extra watches in case they are needed. Communicates timer readiness to the Meet Announcer.

Lane Timer: Starts a watch at the start of the race and stops it when the swimmer touches the wall. There are two timers per lane, one provided by each team. One timer per lane confirms the swimmers name, and records times after each heat. You get the best seat in the house with this job!

Runner: Only needed at home meets. Takes the time sheets from the lane timers and delivers to the Computer Coordinator after each event.

Stroke and Turn Judge: Watches swimmers to make sure the strokes are done legally (i.e. did a backstroker swim the entire race on his/her back, is the breaststroker kicking properly, etc.). Judges are provided by each team and two are stationed at each end of the pool. Previous experience, or training is required for this role. If you would like to receive training for this role, please contact the swim team manager.

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