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1. What if we can’t make it to practices?

We understand that family schedules are busy. If you have a work or school schedule that conflicts with practice, let us know. We will try to accommodate your schedule, if possible. Please email us at cameronwoodsharks@gmail.com.

2. What if we can’t make it to a meet?

In order for our meets to run efficiently, please let the coaches know in advance if you plan to miss a meet by RSVPing on the website by first logging in then going to the MEET CALENDAR page under the SCHEDULE menu option. For more detailed instructions go to the MEET RSVP & VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP page. In case of an emergency absence, please email us at cameronwoodsharks@gmail.com.

3. What happens during inclement weather?

Practices and meets will take place during light rain as long as there is no thunder. If there is thunder, lightning or heavy rain at your practice time, that practice will be canceled. Do not assume your practice has been canceled if an earlier practice was canceled. In the event of thunder, lightning or heavy rain during a meet, a 30 minute delay will be called. Subsequent delays may be called if inclement weather persists. We will make every effort to finish a meet that has been delayed. If more than half the events are completed, swim team representatives can decide to call the meet with the leader taking the win, otherwise the meet may be rescheduled.

4. What are my parent volunteer responsibilities?

Our swim team is a volunteer organization which relies on the commitment of time by each participating family. If you are unable to volunteer, please do not register your child. Families are expected to sign-up for a minimum number of positions during the season. If you are unable to work at your assigned time, you are responsible for finding a replacement. Please see the VOLUNTEERING section of this web site for a description of volunteer positions and the time requirements. 

5. What are Shrimpers?

Our Shrimper program is for children 6 & under. Shrimpers swim in meets as exhibition only (ribbons will be awarded but not team points). During the first week of practices, coaches will assess each swimmer and place them in the Shrimper program or recommend swim resources outside our program. Refunds will be given for swimmers who are not placed on the team. Shrimpers are not required to wear a team suit. Please read the NEW SWIMMER REQUIREMENTS to help determine if your child is ready. 

6. What are time trials and why do we do them?

Time trials are a way to obtain a baseline time for your child in each event and also allow them to gain some meet experience before they compete against another team. Coaches gain an understanding of each swimmers ability at the beginning of the season. Time trials will take place before the first meet of the season. 

7. What is the All-Star meet?

The All-Star meet is our final meet of the swim season. This is the meet for which swimmers strive for their best times of the season. All teams in our league swim during this swim meet which is held at a neutral site. Our coaches select All-Star swimmers based on personal best times throughout the season. All-Star swimmers are announced at the end of our regular season. 

8. How does the swim team communicate with me?

Each family will have access to our website. There you will find up-to-the minute information, including practice and meet cancellations. Also, each family will receive regular emails with upcoming events. To receive text alerts regarding weather delays and cancellations, please make sure to download the SwimTopia Mobile App from our HOME page.

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